Schooling is never cheap,whether it's a regular school or a homeschool set up.There is always a set of expenses that need to be met.The number of resources available online today,both paid and free,ensure that it is possible to make homeschooling your children cheaper than putting them in regular schools.Here are some of the heads that you need to cater for in your homeschool budget.

Clothes and Accessories

School uniforms,specific tastes of the children and a host of different sorts of accessories often cost a ton of money when children are in regular schools.In a homeschool set up,normal clothes can be worn to the classroom without much fuss.Accessorizing is at a minimum and new clothes are only ever bought for replacing old ones that have been outgrown.You will also save on school bags,back packs,lunch boxes and water bottles.None of these are required in the homeschool family set up.

Study Material and Supplies

The same books can be reused for younger children in the homeschool family once they have been bought.You only need to purchase the notebooks and the books for the younger siblings when they reach the next grade.Stationery and craft supplies can be bought in bulk as per you actual requirement.Unlike in regular school where you get stuck with whatever is asked to be purchased at the beginning of the year,often without being used during the school year.In the homeschool classroom you will make use of everything that is available to you.

Healthier Food

Packing a lunch for the school children is never as healthy as giving them fresh food cooked at home.There are always limits to what can be packed and taken away to school.However when the family just moves to the dining room to eat food that is coming fresh out of the kitchen,there can be whole lot more choice and much healthier eating.Not to mention all this is usually much cheaper as well as the homeschool family does not have much going to the waste bin.